Smart Processing

Full Methanol recovery - Eliminate vacuum issues - Go continuous



Biodiesel processing is all about moving liquids. Sodium Methylate makes this difficult if not impossible. Smart Catalyst changes all this. Instead of bulk settling tanks, centrifuges, intermediate storage tanks, rework tanks and quarantine tanks you can using Ceimici Novel technology to go continuous by starting up and shutting down with the simple opening and closing of a 3 “ ball valve.

That how simple biodiesel manufacture can be and should be.



Biodiesel Processing is a 3-4-hour operation while specification testing is 12-24 hr. Here it is important that your testing is only Quality assurance and not quality control. Ceimici Novel system is to build in redundancy at the transesterification stage. Coupled to this is high reliability of the feedstock quality and catalyst activity and tolerance since it is not in any way consumed ensures the product to be processed is always in spec. After that it is just a cleanup process which is controlled by engineering and not chemical considerations.

Adoption of the Ceimici Novel technology will make swathes of your current process redundant and allow you to reallocate these redundant parts to increased future production . In most instances all is required is pipework changes.


Outline of our Biodiesel Process

Smart Biodiesel Processing

Smart Catalyst