Smart Modifier

Turns waste oil to refined oil for biodiesel processing



Unlike Preesterification or Glycerolysis Smart Modifier reduces the Free Fatty Acid in all feedstocks to a level of <0.2% under atmospheric reaction conditions of 80-120°C and is complete in 30-90 mins. Unlike current methods of FFA reduction Smart Modifier is a totally homogeneous, irreversible reaction that does not produce Water nor uses Methanol. This feature allows both batch processing in currently installed equipment or can be done continuously reducing opex and increasing throughput. Incorporated into this process is the feature of reducing the moisture content of the feedstock. On completion of the Smart Modifier stage there is no further processing before moving on to the transesterification stage.



Completion of the Smart Modification stage provides the Biodiesel processor with feedstock derived from waste oil and fats that is equivalent to refined oil for Biodiesel processing.

Combine that with ongoing transesterification with Smart Catalyst then all current day problems associated with Biodiesel manufacture disappear and the ability to go to continuous processing becomes the next generation.

If you currently have an installed plant using any of the current Plant Providers technology the adoption of Ceimici Novels solution will in the main require pipework changes only that during any trial and evaluation leaves your current plant uninterrupted.

Smart Processing