Smart Catalyst

The majority of Biodiesel processors worldwide employ a Caustic family variant as catalyst. The Caustic catalyst is Homogeneous and consequently it is necessary to carry out significant additional processing stages to provide Biodiesel conforming to EN14214 and ASTM D6751.

Smart Catalyst is Heterogeneous and eliminates all processing issues delivering the ultimate in yield and processing economics.Smart Catalyst offers the ultimate in Biodiesel processing. If you currently operate the Caustic batch process the change could not be simpler Just substitute your bag of Caustic catalyst for a bag ofSmart Catalyst and see the benefits.

» Smart Catalyst reactivity automatically lifts your processing capacity 5 fold.
» Smart Catalyst eliminates processing stages adding further processing capacity.
» With 98% Glycerol you will add significant revenue to the bottom line.

Smart Catalyst

» Non Toxic
» Fully recoverable
» No Reaction with FFA's
» Not affected by Feedstock moisture content
» Does not produce Soap
» No predissolving
» Priced competitively with Methylate
» Delivers 2 products Biodiesel and Glycerol in maximum yield and purity
» No other byproducts


Smart Catalyst at work

See smart catalyst in its simplified form.

This demonstration shows the power of Smart catalyst concluding the reaction in 2 minutes @ 35 C..
Smart catalyst is a Heterogeneous catalyst and its performance is controlled by temperature and the mixing intensity.

The technology delivers flexibility in manufacture from batch processing on through to continuous production.