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Ceimici Novel is focusing on 4 distinct Reseach & Development modules

Algae oil production

The company is engaged in novel research aimed at delivering Lipids supply using Bioreactors. The company's focus is the elimination of the light source in the cultivation of Algae and the use of novel engineering techniques in the harvesting of the oil. SmartCatalyst reduces the necessity of obtaining oil with low water content greatly reducing the cost of production.

Glycerol Derivatives

With the eventual success of Biodiesel very large volumes of Glycerol will become available on the market. The current Oleochemical business produces sufficient Glycerol for the world needs today. Smart catalyst has today lifted the value of Glycerol positioning it as significant profit centre for the Biodiesel producer.

Ceimici Novel will provide our customers with downstream on processing technology for high added value Glycerol derivatives using technology and process engineering commensurate with current Biodiesel production. This technology will deliver increased profitability to the facility and reduce the dependence on Biodiesel pricing for business sustainability.

Olefin Metathesis

This chemical development by Grubbs et al is one of the most significant chemical process developments in the past 50 years. The catalyst technology has wide ranging implications for the biodiesel industry. This technology opens up the possibilities of converting Biodiesel to Biokerosene and Biogasoline.

Ceimici Novel efforts in this regard are concentrated on using Camelina oil as the primary feedstock.

Parallel Technology

Transesterification of lipids to make Biodiesel is product 1 for the biorefinery. Its profitability is however intrinsically linked to Government policies and the price of crude oil and in both cases are extremely unpredictable. Until there is a major breakthrough in Algae oil cultivation then there will be no decoupling from both these business impediments.

However in the short term there is a viable solution that will help elevate the Stop Go characteristics that have been a singular characteristic of the Biodiesel industry to date. The very same transeterification technology that is used to make biodiesel can readily be applied in the manufacture of:

» Lubricants
» Food additives
» Plasticizers
» Personal care products

By creating a balanced Transesterification profile of products and combining this with added value Glycerol derivatives a sustainable Biodiesel industry can be achieved. Such an industry portfolio will better withstand the vagrancies of the market and allow for planned development of the facility.