About us

Ceimici Novel Limited is staffed by a number of expertly qualified chemists and chemical engineers backed up by a technical sales team that is dedicated to serving you our customer with the latest technological developments and opportunities in Biodiesel technology and associated products. READ MORE


What we do

Biodiesel, still in the embryonic stage of development has all the molecular functionality that allows diversification to downstream added value products.

No longer is large volume chemical production the preserve of the chemical majors.Glycerol the coproduct of Biodiesel production offers the operators the first economic entry to this arena.

Smart Catalyst operators benefit from 98% pure Glycerol as the coproduct of Biodiesel production. This enables downstream manufacture without the need for pre-purification stages.


Company Focus

The company continues to develop new applications forSmart Catalyst. Ceimici Novel chemists are actively pursuing research in Algae lipid production that will be the feedstock for Biodiesel in the Future.

We have created a team of scientists and engineers to evaluate the opportunities in Olefin Metathesis - A new and novel catalyst system that converts Biodiesel to gasoline and kerosene substitutes.