Company Overview

Ceimici Novel Limited, a technology company that develops chemical and engineering solutions for industrial transesterification processes.

The company has established a propriety patent position for Smart Catalyst involving the transesterification of lipids in the production of Biodiesel.


Company Profile

» Biodiesel Specifications
» Methanol Pricing
» Soybean oil Pricing
» Canola oil Pricing
» Palm oil Pricing
Ceimici Novel is focused on complete end to end
solutions in the chemical processing of Biodiesel.
The solutions deliver maximum attainable yield and
purity of Biodiesel and its co-product Glycerol.

The technology delivers flexibility in manufacture
from batch processing on through to continuous production.

Smart Catalyst is a heterogeneous catalyst. The company
is committed to developing downstream added value products
from Glycerol and the conversion of Biodiesel feedstock
into Biokerosene and Biogasoline.